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New Yorker Redesign: ?

October 10, 2013

I would like to think I am open to new things most of the time, and I may be a bit late to this discussion, but I ask: What do we think of the new page design for The New Yorker?

I am not saying I do not like it, but as a professional who is paid to anticipate how people will respond to communication, I find myself distracted by the changes and wondering–Why? So much is the same, and, rather than conserve space, the design seems to use more on the balance. Granted, the changes seem to impact the front part of the magazine (“Goings On About Town” section) far more than the back half, and the identities of the sections in the front seem more distinct as a result of the redesign. But still, I ask myself, why not go all the way, then, with a complete redesign? While a half-redesign nags at me, do others find it more palatable than a complete overhaul of a beloved and classic known quantity?

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